Discovering What Is Most Important

I have to admit, I am so happy that 2020 is OVER! And, I hope and pray that 2021 is a healthier and more positive year for all of us. But as difficult as 2020 has been, there have been silver linings. The pandemic, social unrest and political challenges have caused us to focus on what is most important in our country and on what I truly value in my life.

For our country, I realize that I value justice, equality and respect for civility and norms. The racial and economic divides in the US have split apart this year and the turmoil, while ongoing, are leading to significant conversations, strategy development and hopefully, positive change. It will take more time to see real change, but at least we are taking the first steps.

On a personal level, I realize that I value and miss the seemingly small/insignificant moments I share with family and friends. I miss visiting my mom and sitting on her couch watching shows on OWN (we both love Oprah!) or re-runs of Law and Order; I miss laughing for no reason with friends (something not replicable on Zoom); I miss the get togethers where friends talk about nothing important but share our lives; I miss family gatherings with my nieces and hearing their stories. In essence, I miss the mundane – the mundane moments that bring me a great deal of joy.

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