Change is Hard; Change is Good

For many of us, the status quo is “comfortable” and “easier” than something new, something different. Sometimes change is forced upon us and sometimes we run towards it. Yet, we know that change is inevitable and more importantly, is required to build a better future. In the last 3 months, we have had so much change thrust upon us by COVID, and we have seen most in our society demand change through Black Lives Matter activism and protests. The changes required to build a more racially just and equal society will take time – across police training, systems and penalties, and across criminal justice reform, loan and financing practices and numerous other systems in America. But this change is mandatory. As hard as it is, it is long overdue in a society that espouses the value of “justice for all.” We start by changing our minds, our communities, our leaders and laws to drive to a better future – step by step. However, I do hope we see real change quickly – it is long overdue.

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