Transforming Marketing: Acceleration to Digital

As the world transforms, our clients are rapidly changing marketing strategies to address the new realities while continuing to deliver MQL goals, brand needs, new product/solutions’ launches and other marketing goals. While each company’s strategies are unique, a mega-trend we see is the rapid use of digital-first or digital only marketing programs. The challenge is to create connections virtually that match the “personal” touch of live events and in person meetings. And, these new strategies may continue after we resume to a new “normal” as companies successfully realize great ROI with these approaches. Leading companies are looking even more holistically across marketing approaches to continue to win and capture market share. Here are some of the key strategies we are working on with clients:

  • Revamping value propositions/messages to address the current needs of target markets.
  • Revising vertical strategies: certain industries: hospitality, travel, local small businesses have been severely hit with the lockdowns; however, other industries are seeing an increase of demand: public sector, online learning, eSports, datacenters/cloud communications, etc. Smart companies are focusing on those targets who have the needs and budget to purchase now.
  • Deepening current customer relations: checking in/adding value. For example, our client, ServiceNow, released 4 free apps for customers to quickly respond to emergency workflows.
  • Ramped up move to virtual events; and transforming them to create a more “live” experience.
  • Increasing customer education and thought leadership through webinars.
  • Introduction of innovative pricing/leasing/financing programs to help customers buy, and buy now.

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