Taking a Stand

At Stage 4 Solutions, valuing and promoting diversity has always been a core value. 42% of our team are ethnic minorities and 52% are women. We strive to bring qualified, diverse candidates to each client and to each role we work to fill. We encourage clients to look beyond universities attended (or even if a candidate has a college degree) or company experience, and look more for skills, attitude, ability to learn and adapt, and the work ethic that will serve the client’s needs. We feel that all our conversations and showcasing of diverse candidates help clients build more diverse teams and inclusive cultures.

Occasionally, we experience client requests that, in our opinion, are discriminatory. These requests are not necessarily illegal, but instead, they are requirements that may lead to discriminatory actions – perhaps intentional or unintentional. When we encounter such situations, it is easy for us, as a staffing vendor to say, “well, we are just doing what the client wants” or “if we don’t play by the client’s rules, they will just find another vendor who will.” But we don’t. We take such situations as opportunities to educate our clients, because often, they have not thought through the implications of their request. Most of the time, they learn and grow through those conversations and change their request of us. However, if they do not change, then we take a stand. We will walk away from the client and their business, instead of engaging in discriminatory or potentially discriminatory actions.

We believe that living our values is important; more important than the revenue that is achieved by engaging in behavior that we believe is wrong.

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