Low Unemployment – Boon or Bane? We can Help!

The advantages of the current historically low US unemployment rate of 4.7% – one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the last 4 decades* – are clear – great for workers, growth and our economy.  However, for companies looking to hire or invest in new programs and opportunities, low unemployment is actually a problem – a big problem. Roles cannot be filled quickly enough and TBH openings mean that market opportunities are lost while waiting for the right resources to be hired. (And, the stress levels of current staff increase while dedicated team members try to cover the holes in their teams.)

In such an economy, it takes tremendous focus and reach to fill openings – and, typically hiring managers do not have the time to become recruiters.  This is where Stage 4 Solutions can help!  For the last 15 years, we have focused on providing well qualified and well matched marketing resources for short term projects, longer term contracts and contract to hire roles.  We have successfully served 80 companies and have a 100% referenceability rate.

We can deliver the right resources, even in the current job market, because we have made investments in our network of over 7,000 marketing professionals, recruiting systems/processes, and our brand as a top marketing firm.

To be successful for our clients, we first focus on understanding their needs and budgets, and then work through our networks to find the “perfect” match.  We reach out directly to hundreds of qualified candidates to find the few who are interested in the immediate project opportunity.  We work hard and fast for clients, because we know that unfilled roles mean lost revenues and profits.  Typically, we deliver team members for client interviews within 1 week of our initial conversation.

Let us help you manage the problem of low unemployment!  We can help you achieve your goals by bringing in the right resources quickly.

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About Stage 4 Solutions

Stage 4 Solutions is a marketing consulting and interim staffing firm serving Fortune 500 and emerging high-technology clients. We work with companies like GE Digital, Cisco, NetApp, Plantronics, Western Digital and many others to further their sales enablement efforts, expand marketing initiatives and launch new products. Contact us at [email protected] so we can help you accelerate your marketing results.

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*Source: US Department of Labor

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