Learning and Growing: Invest in Yourself

In recent weeks, we have seen so many layoffs, even at large, profitable high tech companies and well-funded startups. It is hard to feel secure even when you have a great job at a great company. When I am speaking with our team and candidates, we discuss how to use our former “commute” time to invest in new skills/new areas of knowledge to increase our value to current clients but also to prepare ourselves for future opportunities. Especially as marketers, there is so much to learn – digital marketing, marketing analytics, new technologies, new design tools – the list is endless! If we commit to learning 1 hour per day, what could we achieve and grow into?

We are lucky that there are so many low cost and free avenues for learning. In the two links below, there are a host of online classes and certifications from leaders – Google, Hubspot, Coursera, Udemy, Hootsuite, CodeAcademy and others – try some out:

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