Leading with Love Series

Our Leading with Love series, co-sponsored with Santa Clara University, which ended on September 10, included a great presentation by Lybra Clemons, Chief Diversity Officer at Twilio Inc, discussing the history of corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs. While such programs started in the 90s primarily for compliance and legal requirements, they have grown into programs that are tied to leadership goals, corporate values and stakeholder representation. Lybra Clemons stated that there are 4 Cs of being an inclusive leader: Committed, Connected, Courageous and Curious. These are the traits that are required to lead from the heart and understand different perspectives and evaluate issues.

Full recordings of all 4 Leading with Love series:

Part 1 – Breaking the Myths of Love and Leadership

Part 2 – Can Love Drive Leadership?

Part 3 – Diversity and Inclusion as an Act of Love

Part 4 – Love is Just Damn Good Business

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