Finding Strength

As marketers and as leaders, we must find the strength and resolve to thrive through the current turmoil in our industries, country and world. But, finding strength is hard – there are days when I feel like just staying in bed until things get back to “normal”! Clearly, that is not a winning strategy, so I get up and find the personal strength to craft new plans for Stage 4 Solutions, provide encouragement to our team and understand clients’ new needs and identify creative ways to support them.

I believe each of us has a personal approach to finding our inner strength. I find strength in my family’s story of immigrating to the US in the late 60s – my parents left a comfortable life in India to build a better life for my sister and I. They faced open discrimination, financial strains, and an unknown future and culture that was truly foreign to them. I can only imagine how scary that time was for my parents. Yet, they were strong, took risks, preserved, and built an amazing life, the best life, for the family. We lived not only in the US, but in the UK, Indonesia, and Norway, and traveled extensively – my siblings and I were truly very lucky. My parents’ resolve gives me strength – if they could succeed with so much against them, I can surely navigate this current storm – and guide my team to continued success.

What is your personal strength story?

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