Embracing Diversity

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I love the focus our clients and so many other organizations are putting on creating environments that foster and attract diverse team members and make all stakeholders valued and included as part of the culture.

For me, diversity was just part of my life, and I was lucky to feel included in environments when I was the “minority” on many levels due to my ethnicity, gender, religion. I never felt excluded or “left out.”

I was lucky to grow up in US expat communities in the UK, Indonesia and Norway, where each individual was respected, “seen” and celebrated for their individuality. In such transient communities with different cultures from the countries where we lived, and different cultures from communities where we previously belonged, we were accustomed to meeting new people and understanding their backgrounds and perspectives. And, typically, we knew they would be different from ourselves. We valued these differences and embraced each other for them.

It is great to see companies put a greater emphasis and develop strategic objectives to create and achieve more equitable communities.  We are happy to support such conversations through our co-sponsorship of events with Santa Clara University’s Silicon Valley Executive Center. Please join us for these opportunities to learn and grow together:

February 25, 1:00 pm PT – Fireside Chat with Darren Walker

May 6-7, June 3-4 2021  – Women’s Corporate Board Readiness Program 

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