Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Staffing Partner

Utilizing independent contractors and consultants has increasingly become an integral part of doing business, offering several benefits from cost savings to staffing flexibility. However, if not done properly, engaging contractors can pose significant risks to your business. Top challenges include misclassification for workers, audits, liability, and co-employment. To avoid these risks, most organizations prefer to work with a knowledgeable and experienced staffing partner.

When organizations work with a well-established staffing company like Stage 4 Solutions, the agency is the primary employer of the worker who will pay wages, withhold taxes, negotiate terms, provide benefits and workers’ compensation, and has the right to hire and terminate. In our over 21 years in staffing for primarily contract roles for over 125 organizations, we have created well-defined policies and procedures that eliminate risks associated with hiring contractors and have achieved 100% client referenceability. We quickly fill gaps between current and required resources and our placement success rate exceeds 99%.

The staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions sector plays a crucial role in the United States economy by providing services to businesses in every industry. Approximately 86% of the overall sales in the staffing and recruiting industry is attributed to temporary and contract staffing. On an average week, approximately three million individuals are employed as temporary and contract workers through staffing companies in the US and over the span of a year, these staffing companies hire a total of 16 million temporary and contract employees.

When selecting a staffing partner, it is essential to consider various factors that align with an organization’s needs and objectives. We wanted to understand what our professional network values when choosing a staffing partner and polled our community for their insights.

When choosing a staffing partner/agency, what is most important to you? (single answer)

  • Flexibility 36%
  • Industry experience 29%
  • Success stories 21%
  • Agility 14%

The poll revealed that 36% of respondents prioritize flexibility when choosing a staffing partner. Flexibility is a crucial aspect in the rapidly changing business landscape, as organizations need to adapt quickly to meet evolving demands. A flexible staffing partner can help businesses effectively respond to market fluctuations and optimize their operations accordingly. This adaptability allows organizations to optimize productivity, and effectively respond to market changes, ultimately driving success in a dynamic environment. Although the relationship between flexibility and agility is often intertwined, as they both contribute to the adaptability and responsiveness required in today’s dynamic business landscape, surprisingly, only 14% of respondents perceive agility as the primary factor in selecting a staffing partner. While agility remains valuable, the preference for flexibility highlights its pivotal role in meeting the evolving needs of businesses and adapting to ever-changing market conditions.

According to the poll results, 29% of professionals consider industry experience as a primary factor when choosing a staffing partner. Industry experience brings valuable insights and specialized knowledge that can greatly benefit an organization. A staffing partner with extensive experience in a specific industry understands the unique challenges of that industry and talent landscape of that particular sector including required and available soft and hard skill sets. This expertise enables them to source highly qualified contractors who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the organization’s success while providing industry-specific guidance and best practices to ensure a smooth and efficient contractor engagement process.

While not the most critical factor for the majority of respondents, 21% of professionals still value success stories when selecting a staffing partner. Success stories provide evidence of a staffing partner’s ability to deliver results and meet client expectations showcasing the staffing partner’s track record of successful contractor placements and satisfied clients. Examining success stories and speaking with the staffing partner’s references allows organizations to assess the staffing partner’s capabilities and reputation.

Choosing the right staffing partner is essential for organizations aiming to harness the benefits of utilizing contractors while mitigating associated risks. By carefully evaluating the factors outlined in this article, organizations can select a staffing partner that aligns with their needs, mitigates risks, and maximizes the benefits of engaging contractors. Let us know your unique needs and how we might be able to help!

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