Becoming “Normal” Again

Since much of the US has “re-opened” this summer, I am so happy to return to many of my previously “normal” activities. I am seeing friends (a lot!), going to restaurants, going to my gym, traveling, and returning to in person work meetings. I love it! I am reminded how much I value these interactions, and how, before COVID, I took these routine activities for granted. As we get back to our pre-pandemic routines, I want to continue to be grateful for these daily gifts and really appreciate each in person interaction. And, I know how lucky we are to have survived this global pandemic, which is still raging in too many parts of the world. I also want to remember to continue to engage in those activities I did during Covid – more walks with my kids in the neighborhood, more hikes by the coast, more time on Zoom with old friends. I want to not return to rushing from one commitment to the next without really taking the time to be with the people I care about.

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