Confidence and Wellness Rituals: Strategies to Achieve What You Want

confidence and wellness rituals
  • December 6, 2022
  • 11:00 AM PT - 11:45 AM PT
  • Virtual

Event Description

We are proud to be co-sponsors of the Confidence and Wellness Rituals: Strategies to Achieve What You Want interactive workshop with Alphy, an innovative new tech solution to help companies better recruit, retain, and advance women.

Please join us on December 6th at 11 am PT for this interactive workshop.

Event Summary

Confidence is a trait that makes all the difference in one’s ability to show up authentically and effectively in the world. While some folks are fortunate enough to exhibit an unshakable sense of self-assurance, some of us have encountered self-doubt and imposter syndrome, where we feel insecure about job interviews, public speaking, and presenting at meetings. From body language to written and spoken language, how can we develop external communication skills that accurately reflect our awesome inner selves? Don’t miss this talk with top career coach Llanee Anderson, where we will get into strategies for confidence at work and delve into how that translates to wellness at home.

Meet Your Speaker

Llanée Anderson is Technical Recruiting Manager at a Visual Discovery Search Engine. She’s passionate about connecting people to opportunities and exploring topics at the intersection of recruiting, inclusion and diversity, and innovation. Her work in recruiting enables her to learn people’s unique stories, often getting a glimpse of how someone views to the world, and an opportunity to help change people’s professional circumstances for the better.

confidence and wellness rituals