A Marketer’s Guide to Strategic Job Descriptions

At the core of any organization’s success are its people. By leveraging each team member’s unique talents and contributions in an environment that values individuals, teams and collaboration, an organization is able to achieve its goals. Business leaders who build successful companies understand that the critical factor for growth is attracting and engaging the right people.

A critical first step in attracting the right people to be interested in opportunities is to craft a compelling and clear job description. This strategic document is key to pointing directly at qualified candidates. In our over 20 years in recruiting, we have experienced the impact of clear job descriptions in the success of recruiting process. For us, a job description is a strategic marketing asset to attract the right interest for each role.

This whitepaper aims to outline the importance of job descriptions, why they pave the way to a company’s success, and provide a useful guide of job descriptions for marketing organizations. Drawing from our database of marketing job descriptions, we have created sample job description templates for each major marketing function to help marketing teams and companies attract and hire the right people to achieve goals.

Please download our whitepaper to learn more about what makes an effective job description and access job description templates for key roles in a marketing organization.

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