Return on Marketing Investment Using a Data Science Approach

return on marketing investment
  • March 9, 2017
  • 5:45 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Sunnyvale, CA

Event Description

Join us for the next Business Marketing Association evening event on Thursday, 3/9/2017 (5:45pm to 8:00pm) at NetApp, Building 7, 1345 Crossman Ave, Sunnyvale, CA, sponsored by Stage 4 Solutions.

Please use discount code “Stage4Solutions” for $10 off at time of registration.

return on marketing investment

Return on Marketing Investment Using a Data Science Approach

Listen in as a practicing data scientist digs into several real-world case studies of marketing science, and B2B program metrics. There will be results based on customers using Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot (all with CRM) presented. The focus will be on how to gather, normalize and study program performance data and then decode what the results tell us to do. There will also be a deeper dive into ROMI – Return On Marketing Investment. Tools exposed in the session will be restricted to Octave and R.

Featured Speaker
Grover Righter
Chief Scientist at Lever10 Inc

Grover Righter is an expert in science-based analytics, big data science and marketing programs for B2B companies. Recent customers include VMware, MapR, Standard & Poors, A10 Networks and more. Grover has degrees in Maths, Classics and Computer Engineering. He uses massive data sources stored in Hadoop, Mongo, Lucene, Postgres, Oracle and others. And, like most data scientists, Grover spends 75% of his time pulling and normalizing data.

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