Sample Engagements

Alliance Partner Marketing

Alliance Partner Marketing for Enterprise Solutions Company

An OEM partner wanted to increase sales with a technology partner. They could not attain the required level of marketing bandwidth from the partner to implement marketing/sales plans.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in an experienced Alliance Marketing professional to work for the OEM partner onsite with their technology partner. We evaluated the sales goals, developed and then executed the marketing plan to engage sales and channel partner teams to accelerate sales results. This was a multi-year project assignment.

Analyst Relations

Enterprise Communications Provider Analyst Relations Program Management

A global provider of Unified Communications solutions had recently launched an enterprise solutions marketing strategy, which included an analyst relations program. They needed an Analyst Relations professional to manage and expand the program.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in an Analyst Relations Manager, who had prior experience working with the target industry analyst firms, to work with the internal team to create a broader analyst relations strategy and then execute it. The goals of the strategy were to leverage analysts across marketing efforts and engage stakeholders across the company with analysts.

Channel Marketing

Channel Acceleration Plan and Execution for Global Technology Leader

A global high tech solution leader had recently launched a new product (with a new technology) and needed to accelerate channel partner engagement to grow sales. They needed to quickly ramp up their partner efforts, as the product category was growing quickly, and they needed to capture market share from competitors.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in a team to create and execute a worldwide channel engagement and success plan. The Stage 4 Solutions team first assessed sales and channel partners' needs and then, created a marketing plan. Working with worldwide stakeholders across marketing, channel, and sales teams, they gained buy in and then operationalized the plan.

Community Programs

Community and Advocate Building for Global High Tech Client

An enterprise storage systems, software and services company determined it had a need to build awareness around its new products. To reach this goal, it was determined that an online community should be built to bridge the gap between early adopters and mainstream customers.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in a social media, community marketing and customer advocate program expert to lead the architecture of an advocate community. The Stage 4 Solutions' consultant, together with the client's internal team, analyzed the best channel to identify and engage an online community and advocates. Content was developed to further mobilize the advocates and maintain community engagement.

Corporate Communications

Website Launch for eDiscovery Start up

A start up in the crowded eDiscovery market, needed to launch their first website. The goal was to launch the company, differentiate their solution, and present a strong value proposition to target customers.

The Stage 4 Solutions' engagement team consisted of a graphic designer and content creator. Together, they created a compelling website design, and wrote all website content. The company launched with positive reviews and gained additional funding from investors.

Data and Business Analytics

Business Analytics to grow Share of Wallet

A global enterprise storage company wanted to increase their share of wallet from their current customer base. They wanted to prioritize their installed base to target for a focused marketing program.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in a data analyst to compile existing installed base information with external market data and storage expenditure data by company. The data was collected and analyzed so that the right priority was assigned to each customer. Then, our team partnered with sales leadership to provide guidance and support.

Demand Generation

Accelerating MQLs for High Growth Big Data Start up

A fast growing start-up needed to quickly bring in a maternity leave backfill. The start-up needed a strong Director of Demand Generation to manage the team and set strategic direction during the leave and during a CMO search period.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in a seasoned Demand Generation Director who had worked at several B2B start ups, reporting directly to the CEO. Our team member understood the existing marketing strategy, systems and processes, and then furthered the strategy by employing new techniques. He transitioned the work back to the FTE when she returned from maternity leave. The new CMO was pleased that there was no slow down of MQLs during the maternity leave.

Digital Marketing

Services Website Strategy for Fortune 500 Software Company

A Fortune 500 software company had defined a new strategy and positioning for its services business unit in light of changing market conditions. In order support this new direction, the client needed to augment and redesign its website to communicate the new positioning and solutions offered.

Stage 4 Solutions worked with the client's senior management team to translate the company's overall strategy to the website goals and structure. Then, we worked with the client's internal digital team to develop the website's goals, define the team structure, roles and responsibilities, and program manage the development process and launch.

Event Management

World Wide User Conference Management for Fortune 500 Technology Company

A global high tech company needed to expand its internal user conference management team for the 6 month period leading up to its 2 international user conferences. They needed help to manage executive meetings and the hundreds of speakers across the multi day events.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in a multi person team to work with the internal user conference team to augment bandwidth and manage all speaker recruitment; speaker logistics; and hundreds of executive level meetings with customers, prospects, and partners, working with the sales and alliance teams.

Executive Briefing Programs

EBC Program Management and Logistics

A Fortune 200 company needed to augment its Executive Briefing Center staff to quickly accommodate an increased demand for customer briefings.

Stage 4 Solutions' team of experienced EBC briefing program managers and logistics managers came in during peak periods to proactive plan briefings working with sales team members and company executives. Additionally, the team managed the customer visits onsite and provided logistics support.

Installed Base Marketing

Installed Base Program Management and Analysis

An enterprise storage solutions company made a strategic decision to focus on underpenetrated installed base customers as a key global growth strategy. This company needed to augment internal teams with customer analysis expertise and program management resources.

Stage 4 Solutions brought in multiple consultants to lead the installed base program team and to analyze installed base customer data across sales, support, verticals, market trends and customer specific performance. Stage 4 Solutions ascertained program segments and determined key marketing strategies for each segment, as well as program managing the overall installed base program.

Launch Support

Marketing and Sales Strategy and Tools for Start-up's Aggressive Product Launch

A converged infrastructure start-up was embarking on an aggressive product introduction and quickly needed hard-hitting sales and marketing tools to support their launch event.

Stage 4 Solutions worked with the company's executives to develop a solid introduction strategy, which included marketing requirements. Then, working with cross-functional sales, engineering, and marketing teams, we led the development of website content, data sheets, sales training materials and customer presentations. All marketing materials were delivered on schedule for introduction at a major industry trade show.

Marketing Operations

Identity Management Leader Quickly Needed Marketing Automation Expertise

A privately held, midsized company in the identity management market needed to quickly fill a gap for a Marketo Administrator. Ideally, the company was looking for a contract to perm resource, so the Marketo Administrator could be evaluated and then made a FTE offer after the initial trial period

Stage 4 Solutions brought in an experienced Marketo Administrator within one week of the initial client conversation, including managing all the candidate interviews with the client. After the 3 month contract period, the client made the Stage 4 Solutions' team member an FTE offer, as he was a proven candidate for the role.

Product Management

Product Management Direction for Global Networking Leader

A Global Networking leader needed more flexibility and agility within their Education Services team. It was determined that contractors with specifics skills in eLearning solutions, virtual lab development, and Instructor Led Training would be best to build product requirements, manage the roadmap and launch new products to the market.

Several Stage 4 Solutions' experienced Product Managers were brought in to staff multiple projects leading different products in the overall portfolio. Each Product Manager had the right combination of product management skills, education services knowledge and technology background for the product to which they were assigned. The company rotated Product Managers as required by the roadmap and new initiatives. New products were launched with success.

Products and Solutions Marketing

Security Software Provider Seeks Vertical Market Strategy

A rapidly growing mobile security software provider determined it needed to expand solution marketing efforts with a focus on key vertical markets. A clear vertical market strategy and marketing plans needed to be defined and constructed to ensure successful expansion.

A senior Stage 4 Solutions strategy and marketing consultant led the client team in the identification and assessment of key verticals and created the vertical-specific marketing plan. Stage 4 Solutions then moved to plan execution with the creation of vertical-specific messaging, marketing deliverables, sales tools and sales training.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement for Global Storage Solutions Provider

A global provider of storage solutions needed an ongoing series of education and training offerings for its sales and sales engineering teams to effectively launch new products and solutions. The company's in-house product and solutions marketing teams did not have the required bandwidth to create the necessary marketing launch materials and sales tools in the needed timeframe.

Stage 4 Solutions' storage solutions experts engaged on an as-needed basis to create messaging, datasheets, customer value propositions, solutions briefs, web content, white papers, ROI tools, sales training content and other required documentation to ensure sales was well educated on all new products and solutions and could drive revenue.

Social Media

Expanded Social Media and Social Selling Support for Global Communications Provider

A Global Communications Provider wanted to expand its social media marketing efforts to support joint marketing activities with key strategic partners. Additionally, the company wished to launch a social selling initiative to help sales team members leverage social networks to increase sales opportunities.

Stage 4 Solutions' social media expert was assigned to the project to build the strategic partner social media strategy that was consistent with the overall marketing and events strategy. Upon buy in of the strategy, Stage 4 Solutions managed all social media engagement both proactively and re-actively. Additionally, the social media expert built the plan to roll out a social selling solution and train the sales team on how to leverage the capabilities to grow their quota achievement and commissions.

Strategy Development

New Market Entry Strategy for Fortune 100 Computer Manufacturer

A Fortune 100 computer manufacturer had targeted the global small business market as a business growth driver. However, they needed outside expertise and bandwidth to conduct a full strategic investigation into the market to develop strategic options and define a market strategy.

Stage 4 Solutions employed its proven strategy development methodology to ascertain market trends, customer needs, reseller preferences and competitive threats to define strategic options for the selected market. A proforma financial analysis was created for each option and a single market entry strategy was recommended. The recommendation was agreed to by senior client executives.

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